Company Overview

Abroon Energy Company has been established in 2017 by a group of expertise at energy industries. Engineering services, project finance and hydrocarbon product marketing are the core business of this company. Engineering services comprise oil , gas, chemical and energy industries . Abroon Energy Company provides projects financing and finance management as professional services depends on feasibility and commercial aspects of the projects.
Abroon Energy Company has formed strong engineering and management strong team who have international and national engineering experiences in the field of oil/gas, chemical and renewable energy.
Renewable energy plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. When renewable energy sources are used, the demand for fossil fuels is reduced. Unlike fossil fuels, non-biomass renewable sources of energy (hydropower, geothermal, wind, and solar) do not directly emit greenhouse gases
Depends upon the feasibility study of the proposed project, profitability, advanced equity also guarantee available by clients investment or finance is proposed.
As per worldwide study has been done by well-known organizations such as Wood Mackenzie, oil/gas and coal is the main natural resources of energy around the world till 2035 however, renewable energies are growing very fast.

Collaborative Partnerships